Stories about coffee 2016
Stories about coffee 2016
Stories about coffee 2016
Stories about coffee 2016

Stories about coffee 2016


The panel of judges of the 15th Caffè Letterario Moak edition – presided over by Cinzia Tani, who was assisted by Enza Campino, Gianluca Morozzi, Santo Piazzese and Elena Stancanelli – proclaimed the three winners and selected ten additional writings that are included in this anthology. They tell about coffee roasting companies that the Nazis turned into concentration camps; about the economic crisis and suicides, about summer infatuations and endless marriages; they make us relive the atmosphere of bars in small suburbs recalling pinball machines, cigarettes, weird customers and exciting briscola tournaments.

We get to know tireless mums and reckless children and discover how love can go beyond time and sickness. The creative duel between author and white pages, between coffee and the imagination that can be stimulated by it, has never been so heated!

15,00 €

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