Stories about coffee 2011
Stories about coffee 2011
Stories about coffee 2011
Stories about coffee 2011

Stories about coffee 2011


In the 2011 anthology of Caffè Letterario Moak, the twenty chosen authors tell about distant countries and periods; they make us meet bizarre and original characters; they outline heroic lives and daily routine, stories of friendship and violence, marginalisation and conquest.

There's a child unable to communicate through words and there's another one that crosses the Mediterraean dreaming to be on board of a pontoon. There's who drinks too much coffee because not able to hurt himself and who manages to hurt himself within a tormented love story. There's an uncertain future in coffee grounds read by a jovial seventy-year old guy and there's a past to be released in the workshop of three former female detainees.

The earthquake of L'Aquila comes between the coffee of Giovanna and the powerful people of the world; a sea full of fears between young Fatima and the desired Eden.

A wife's faithfulness is threatened by the charm of a mysterious guest and the hardness of a screw tricked by the encounter with an out-of-the-common prisoner.

As if connected by a thin threat of smoke, all protagonists of these stories obstinately search for taste, strength and sweetness in a present that often includes the aftertaste of a bitter past.

15,00 €

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