Stories about coffee 2008
Stories about coffee 2008
Stories about coffee 2008
Stories about coffee 2008

Stories about coffee 2008


This year's edition highlights coffee as meeting point and therefore an excellent narrative space, where stories get unravelled, hilarious dialogues are built, life and its tragedies are represented, as in Caffè Luigi.

This drink's aroma seems to go through time and space and tie the collected short stories, despite their narrative differences.

Dark and thick coffee and milk, so different, fresh and pure, metaphorically become opposite poles of two existences that attract and repel each other: the ones of two sisters in "Filastrocca del caffè" (Coffee nursery rhyme).

Coffee can also mean silent language, contact point of a bestial human nature, turned more atrocious by the war in "Mara del caffè"; but it's also "Il vino del diavolo" (The devil's wine) allowing Onorio to grow through an initiation path, bringing the masterpiece of Friar Albino to completion in the homonymous short story by Carla Maroni.

15,00 €

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