Stories about coffee 2004
Stories about coffee 2004
Stories about coffee 2004
Stories about coffee 2004

Stories about coffee 2004


The 2004 edition shortlists twenty-eight short stories written by authors that are different for their age and experience. They include imaginary stories, news events, autobiographical pages, plays of metawriting, original and gleefully transgressive metaphors. Coffee, even if poisoned, as fleeting and already consumed presence always is a encountering occasion for the incipit or the conclusion of a story.

The volume has had some news this year: the short stories are introduced by "Il Caffè di Palermo" (Coffee of Palermo) by Roberto Alajmo, a patroning, ironic and almost grotesque page where the way of drinking and serving coffee reflects the way of living the City, the ancestral and inborn Sicilian sadomasochism, the arbitrary and uninhibited licence in changing and attributing names, typical southern linguistic nonchalance.

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